The Conneqtour is over, but the work just started

I’ve been really bad at balancing work and documentation during this tour. I have to be honest. But I am now back in Stockholm, and as I see it, the tour has only started. Reflecting back at how the work has been done, I think I could have done a lot of things differently. And Read more about The Conneqtour is over, but the work just started[…]

Berlin, the heart of Europe

I just finished my weekly video log with Startup Cabin, it’s a short break in all my work to stop and reflect a bit about what we’ve been doing from time to time. Right now I’m sitting at a café/bar just by our hostel enjoying a beer 13:45 on a monday. I love Berlin. Not Read more about Berlin, the heart of Europe[…]

London, here we are!

We’ve just landed in London, one of the major startup hubs of the world. Here we will first visit some of the Impact hubs that is situated around London to get an overview of the startup scene. We’re also going to host a workshop for a Startup called Seenit. London was originally the first stop Read more about London, here we are![…]


Latest news A week before the tour Here I am, depraved of sleep for a couple of weeks, drinking coffee to stay awake and trying to write something of value. It’s only one week to go until […] Testing the waters I’ve been working very hard these last couple of weeks. What just started as Read more about Home[…]

Impact hub

This week I’m spending some time at Impact Hub working together with my good friend Jonas Almeling on my upcoming Eurotrip and some other interesting stuff around community building. I still have one week left of specialisation at Hyper Island, I’ve decided to focus a lot on project management and social entrepreneurship. So what does a project Read more about Impact hub[…]


My name is Oskar, thank you for stopping by. This is where i tell you who I am. So, who am I? Some people like sports, some people like to travel & I love to create! My mind sees patterns and shapes in everyday items. My mind is always on the watch for some new Read more about About[…]